A Surprising Visit

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A Surprising Visit

Last week I had the amazing privilege of sitting with a man for an hour at the MARK Centre Chalet in Abbotsford. He was flown into Vancouver from his home in England to give a presentation linked to his popularity on YouTube. Before he left England his wife challenged him to go to a retreat centre on this trip because, in her opinion, he was burnt out. He didn’t disagree with her and googled Christian Retreat Centre in the Vancouver area and found us. Can you understand why I felt a sense of expectancy as we began our visit?

I was grateful to hear that he felt peace when he arrived at the MARK Centre. I was honoured to listen to his story. As we sat together I heard about heart-breaking tragedies he’s faced, especially as precious people he has poured himself into have been taken by terminal illness. His pain, grief, and disappointment have nearly overwhelmed him, yet his enduring faith remains strong and moved me to tears. He has heard some negative voices from within and around him, yet he is holding on to the truth that he is loved and is being carried by a God who is familiar with suffering.

When our guest from afar first opened the door to his room at the MARK Centre and saw our coffee table book (His Eye is on the Sparrow) he experienced a wave of emotion. In a park in Vancouver just a day or two earlier he had enjoyed watching a sparrow that eventually landed on his hand and ate bread crumbs. Another story about birds I won’t forget. 

Join us at Barnabas

Some of you have registered for Wonderfully Made that will take place at Barnabas at the end of April 2023. If you haven’t yet we encourage you to think about joining us at this spectacular retreat setting with some very gifted facilitators. Registration will be expanded on November 15th to a wider group of people, so if you want to be sure you’ll have a spot we recommend you register before then.

A Contemplative Concert

Our dear friend and fellow retreat facilitator Cathy Hardy is putting on a concert this Sunday evening October 16 here in the Abbotsford area. It is going to be a beautiful and inspiring evening! I hope to see you there.


MARK Centre Chalet Needs Cleaning Staff
We are in great need of cleaning staff at the chalet. This position requires independent working, flexible availability and is a key role in our work to offer space for those on retreats. Hours vary from 2-10 hours per week but is dependant on guest bookings. We do need you available on Mondays and the rest of the week it varies. Please email Theresa at the office as soon as possible: office@markcentre.org.


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