A Window to Look Through

By February 28, 2017Stories

By: Steve Klassen

Right here in my home city of Abbotsford, a ministry called Cyrus Centre is faithfully providing shelter for homeless youth. This month I was privileged to hear a live update from a few of their staff as I sat with other leaders and pastors at a monthly lunch. I want to pass on to you one story from their journey.

A few years ago a young girl came to Cyrus Centre looking for help. In some of her first moments with the staff she was offered a hot coffee. As she received it she asked for some milk but was given coffee-mate powder instead. She wasn’t happy with it and asked “Where’s the milk? You must have milk in the fridge.” The staff member explained how they were on a limited budget and couldn’t afford milk. The youth was unimpressed and blurted out, “Well you guys are Christians. Why don’t you pray for milk?” Though the staff member was somewhat offended, he invited those present to join hands and pray for milk. When they said the word “Amen”, there was immediately a knock at the door. They opened the door to see a woman standing there with two containers of milk in her hands. The young girl started to scream with joy and the Cyrus Centre staff were amazed. Ever since that incredible moment milk has been delivered to the Cyrus Centre every week.

As I hear stories like this one I keep thinking about windows to look through and see what God is like. Jesus provides us the best window – “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father…” (John 14:9). And the spirit of Jesus is dynamically at work in this world, showing us the Father again and again, providing windows for us to look through.

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