Our History

The MARK Centre idea goes back to the summer of 1984.  It was then that Steve Klassen began to dream about a discipleship training centre based in Abbotsford.  As the years went by the dream stayed alive, but it was not until the summer of 2000 that enough of the pieces in the puzzle had come together and the MARK Centre became an organization. The MARK Centre is a non-profit society of British Columbia and a registered charity of Canada.  It is an interdenominational ministry named after the Gospel of Mark.  The MARK Centre board meets twice a year and provides governing leadership to the organization.  An Advisory Council has also been strategic in establishing the MARK Centre.

Our Mission

To lead people to intimate places with God where his voice can be heard.

Overridding Goal

To serve thousands who will inspire millions to embrace a lifestyle of listening to God.


We accomplish the above by:

1 Facilitating listening experiences
2 Training leaders to listen to God’s voice and inspire others
3 Helping people with dreams to launch new centres where listening to God is a priority.

Our Foundation

God loves and invites us into relationship
God speaks and invites us to listen
God is active and invites us to respond
God is present and invites us to trust
God is mystery and invites us to peace
God is creative and invites us to celebrate our uniqueness
God came as a servant and invites us to receive and serve

Our Prayer

Follow Jesus around the Sciptures – be an observer

Watch how he looks
Watch how he touches
Watch how he is present to people
Watch how he prays and takes time out

Let him look at you
Let him touch you
Let him hold you
Let him heal you
Let him be present to you

Then become the look
Become the touch
Become the presence

By Doreen Kostynuik