Basking in God’s Love

By April 9, 2019Stories

On Saturday night, I walked down to the Great Room at the MARK Centre and got cozy on a couch with a blanket I had brought from my room. I knew what this night would hold. I had not only been to COME AWAY two years previous, but it was the third night of this silent retreat for women. The lights were dim, candles burning. Cathy Hardy began to sing and read over us. Even though we had done it two nights before, no two nights were the same, and I knew something special was stirring. Cathy told us the song she was going to sing was like a lullaby of sorts. As she sang, I shut my eyes. The music took me back to being wrapped up by my mom, and having her sing over me. I also had the fortune of my father often holding me and singing over me as well. There I was, cozy in the blanket, feeling like I was the only one in the room. And then it happened. I got the image of me in the lap of The Father – Abba – Papa God. Held tightly. Warm. Loved. It was so tangible. His presence mingled with mine and I was overwhelmed, basking in his love.

Once the evening concluded, we were dismissed to leave at our own time, and in silence. I walked out of the Great Room to head to my room. I had only taken a few steps when I saw something in the half-lit path – a leaf in the shape of a heart. For a few years now, I have looked for what I call “reminders of HIS love” around me in the shape of hearts. He doesn’t disappoint. I have so many heart reminders of the love of Jesus. This night it was a little leaf reminding me of his love after the experience of resting in His arms on the leather couch in the Great Room. I stopped and took a picture. And my heart overflowed with thanks to the ONE who does things like that – surprises us with HIS love.

By Joy Klassen

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