Retreats & Events

In Mark 1:35-39 a short retreat is recorded.  Jesus was the sole participant.  He modeled something that people would be inspired and motivated by for thousands of years.  He got away from a very busy schedule to be alone.  He found solitude.  He came out of his retreat refreshed, strengthened, energized, focused, empowered and determined.

Retreating brings life to us.  We may feel guilty about taking the time to do it, but in the end we never forget it.  We need a rhythm of work and rest, engagement and withdrawal.  At the MARK Centre we encourage people to experience short retreats. Please watch this short video to hear of the impact of spiritual retreats.

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"The sooner we stop thinking that we are the energetic operators of religion and discover that God is at work, as the Aggressor, the Invader, the Initiator, so much the sooner do we discover that our task is to call people to be still and know, listen, hearken in quiet invitation to the promptings of the Divine. Our task is to encourage others first to let go, to cease striving, to give over this fevered effort of the self-sufficient religionist trying to please an external deity. Count on God knocking on the doors of time. God is the Seeker, and not we alone…I am persuaded that religious people do not with sufficient seriousness count on God as an active factor in the affairs of the world. 'Behold I stand at the door and knock,' but too many well-intentioned people are so preoccupied with the clatter of effort to do something for God that they don’t hear Him asking that He might do something through them."

- Thomas Kelly