Close to the Ground

By August 1, 2018Stories

What a privilege to spend a week with families at Barnabas as a guest facilitator on the theme of Listening to God. As we slowed down together and listened, we noticed God speaking to us in a variety of common ways. Something I will remember is the humility of these precious listeners and the way hearing God brought us all close to the ground where God is present and at work.

Here is a small taste of what we experienced at Barnabas last week…

A father of 3 girls went on a solo time with God and was immediately “deep in thought” as he walked across the grass. When he stumbled on the kid’s playground he found a swing and started swinging. As he did, he noticed he began to smile, so he kept swinging as high as he could go. Something good was happening to him. When he listened, he felt God was reminding him to play and not take himself too seriously.

With a handout focusing on God’s care for us called Look at the Birds, a mother of young children went for a walk. Noticing a robin with a worm in its mouth, she started thinking about that bird feeding its young like she feeds and cares for her kids. Soon her son surprised her as he came back from a hike, ran up to her on the grass, and tackled her in a playful way and said, “Mommy, I’m hungry.” This little coincidence touched her and reminded her of God’s intimate care.

One thoughtful man decided he was going to look at the grandeur of the mountains during his solo time. But when he sat down he noticed a fern beside him and decided it was okay to be distracted for a while by this plant. Then he noticed a spider web, which led him to other webs, spiders and other creatures and plants around the fern. He never did get back to the mountains, but his summary of his solo time has stayed with me – “There is so much going on around us, all we need to do is stop and notice.”

How have you experienced or noticed God bringing you close to the ground this summer?

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