Create With Me

By January 22, 2020Stories

Those words (create with me) came to mind as I was walking at Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island recently. Was this a whisper from above? It was during an afternoon solo time in the middle of a 3-day facilitating experience with 14 interns at Camp Homewood. Our focus – as usual with the MARK Centre – was on listening to God. So, there I was, trying to practice what I preach – walking outside in solitude quieting my heart to hear – when those words seemed to come out of nowhere.

My mind resonated with the words create with me as I remembered God’s faithfulness throughout the years and gave thanks for specific opportunities to participate with God. I thought about Evy and our amazing children and the beauty they have brought into our lives. I thanked God for new friendships. I marvelled at the audacity of our Creator who invites us little people into the dance of relationship with the Divine.

In the evening session people reflected on their solo times. Katie opened up her life to us in a vulnerable way, talking about a specific weakness. Then she read something she had written during her solo time. After spending some time with the story about Jesus feeding the five thousand, she wrote this short poem.

There is a boy here
who has five barley loaves and two fish,
but what are they for so many?

There is a girl here
with some ability and gifts,
but what are they against so much?

There is a God here
who takes them,
give thanks for even these,
and uses them powerfully.

After Katie shared her poem, I thought to myself – she created with God today! Just a few hours ago that poem didn’t exist!  Maybe the whisper I thought I heard was actually a little nudge from God, and maybe the invite – create with me – is for all of us?

If you or someone you know is feeling small these days, let’s not lose heart. God is with us. Nothing is impossible with God. Our Creator hasn’t stopped creating, and we get to be a part of it! Our small contributions just might turn into something big!

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