By: Raly Ewemie



There is a village in Nigeria that is known for ritual killings. As horrible as it sounds, it’s true. People are kidnapped, killed, and their body parts are sold within my country and even to international buyers. One man gives leadership to the killings – and as you can imagine – he is feared.

God guided the organization I work with, Covenant Missions, to plant a church and a school in this village called Covenant Mission School Okunno Awo, Ibadan. Our God, who loves to shine his light into the darkness of this world, gave us love and courage to do this.

As the principal of the school I made a practice of checking the rooms at the end of the day. One day I found Salome, a six-year old, crying by herself. She had a dream that filled her with fear. In her dream she saw the man in charge of the ritual killings and he spoke to her and said, “You’re next.” As Salome cried she told me she was afraid to walk home. I asked her, “Salome who are you?” She replied, “I am a daughter of the Living God.” “And who is God?” I asked. She quickly declared, “God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He made me and my Mom and Dad. And he gives life to everyone on this earth.” Then I asked, “Does God love you Salome?” She smiled and said, “He loves me very much.” Then I asked, “Do you think God is going to let this man hurt you?” With new strength Salome’s spirit rose up as she proclaimed, “No. God is not going to let him touch me. And I have two angels with me…”

Within days I watched from a distance as that very man drove up into the village and looked at Salome and her friends. The children ran away as usual, but Salome walked right up to the man and spoke to him. I wanted to run over and intervene but I felt the Lord speaking to me, “Stay back Raly. You’re not the Holy Spirit. Let me do my work.” The next day I was eager to ask Salome what she said to the man. “I told him that the day he touches me is the day he dies! If he wants to touch me he is going to have to go through God to get me.”

Within weeks a 3 year-old in our school had a similar dream and was filled with fear. She was wailing with anguish as I went to comfort her. But Salome got there first. Again I felt the prompting to step back and let God work. As I listened, Salome guided this little girl through the same process I had done with her. Word for word, in her own style, Salome helped the girl realize her identity in Christ. At the end of their time Salome asked for her hands and they walked home together hand in hand.

A few years later I was happy to see Salome walking with God, very much alive. The village is now free from the stronghold of the devil through that ritual man. He no longer stays or practices his evil acts in the village. Salome’s father told me that day I found her at the school afraid because of the dream turned out to be a turning point in her life. “I’ve never seen a girl so fearless.”


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