I’m Going To Single You Out

By August 23, 2023Stories

I was feeling privileged and a little surprised to be leading a group of pastors in a short retreat in Red Deer, Alberta. We started in the first chapters of Mark. We especially focused on how Jesus was singled out at his baptism as the heavens opened, the Spirit descended like a dove, and a loving voice spoke over him. Then we visited various places in Mark where it was Jesus who singled out people, calling them “son” and “daughter” as he healed and restored them.

As we were studying Mark together, Dan, the most senior of the pastors, heard a whisper. “I’m going to single you out today.” None of us knew about this whisper, and as I prepared to send them out on a short solo time I  gave them a handout and suggested they listen for whatever God might want to speak to them. Then I said, “I don’t know what God might want to speak to you today, but it might be something like this…” Then I turned and looked directly at Dan and said, “Dan, you are my son, whom I love. With you I am well pleased.” When Dan returned with the rest of the group from the solo time he was the first to speak. With emotion he told us about the whisper and how what I did accentuated the experience of being singled out. He did it in a way that invited all of us to an awareness of the love and favour of God towards us.

We’re excited about some opportunities for you to make space in your life to be with the God who is singling people out today.

Looking ahead:

April 14-16 Our annual Men’s Frisbee Golf Retreat is taking place. Registration is now open. Details and registration are found on our website here.

April 28-May 1 Wonderfully Made Retreat only has a few rooms left in our sponsorship category. These guests are sponsoring some of the extra costs of this retreat. We have also started a waitlist if you would like to be contacted if we have any cancellations. Registration and waitlist request can be made through this link. 

June 16-18 is a Listening in Community Weekend at the MARK Centre Chalet. Come for a relaxing

experience of listening for God’s guidance with others. Denise Doerksen will be on site to guide group

prayer times and be available for individual spiritual direction sessions. Read more on our website.

June 26 The MARK Centre Golf Tournament is at Ledgeview in Abbotsford. Please mark your calendars!

January 25-28, 2024 Come Away, A Silent Retreat for women. This special retreat is being moved this year from November 203 to January 2024. Registration will be open starting in March. 

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