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LIVE JAZZ starts at 5:30. Dinner at 6. Program from 7:00-8:00. Tickets on sale now through eventbrite until Sept. 5. If you would like to sponsor a table contact Steve or Theresa at the office.

One of the things we will feature at the garden party is our growing partnership with Paul Young (author of The Shack) and Jamie and Donna Winship (The Identity Exchange). The three of them recently joined us for a retreat in Vernon BC and the consensus at the last session was clear – we want them back to facilitate more of the same. What was the retreat all about? Maybe Jamie’s new book title captures the heart of it: Living Fearless. It would also be accurate to say the retreat was about listening for God’s words and God’s truth in the face of our fears and burdens and struggles. We celebrated the truth that each one of us has been fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our Creator. Paul’s journey around discovering the truth of his identity is beautiful, and his quote that’s in our “bird book” is proving very helpful in the lives of the people we are serving. “We experience wholeness when the way of our being expresses the truth of our being.”

Where are we going from here? We’ve booked these three friends to join us April 28-May 1, 2023 for a retreat we’re calling Wonderfully Made that is going to happen at Barnabas on Keats Island. If you haven’t been to Barnabas, take a look at their website and you’ll get a feel for the incredible setting there. We have been partnering with Barnabas to lead people to intimate places with God where his voice can be heard for several years. Their huge project of faith called The Station is in the last stages of being completed and it is stunning. Perhaps this retreat in April will be the first event that uses the entire building?

Wonderfully Made 2023 is for anyone interested in spending a few days (3 nights) hearing about and experiencing a process Jamie and Donna are taking people through all over the world. The process involves facing our fears and embracing God’s unique words of truth to us. We’re confident you will be enriched. Details are still being finalized, but we plan to open registration for Wonderfully Made at our garden party on September 11.

If you want to hear some testimonies from people who attended the retreat in Vernon and eat a great meal and enjoy some live jazz… get your tickets here and do join us on September 11 in Steve and Evy’s backyard.

Steve Klassen and the MARK Centre team

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    I am too late this is Maureen
    I hope to join you at barnabus again in May 2023 retreat wonderfully made sign me up 🌹🙏

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