Personal Reminders from a Loving God

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Steve Klassen

Every day thesteve trumpetre are reminders of God’s presence and voice in the world around us – “the heavens declare the glory of God” (Psalm 19:1). But sometimes we get to experience very personal reminders that show us again that God sees us and he cares – “You know when I sit and when I rise” (Psalm 139:2). Samuel’s Mantle is a ministry that helps people pay attention to these personal reminders from God. Last December it was our privilege to have people from this ministry serving us and our visitors in the rooftop chapel by offering prayer for any who chose to receive it during our annual Christmas Walk-Thru.

As we prepare for this year’s Christmas Walk-Thru I am still savoring some of the remarkable moments from last year. I remember sitting in the MARK Centre Great Room and listening to a young boy share his excitement after he had just been prayed for. Complete strangers had prayed for him and sensed God had given him the heart of a warrior. Little did they know this was the most precious theme in his play times and imaginary world. His parents were amazed and delighted to see him introduced into a new way of praying that reminded him that God loves him and is very aware of what is important to him.

Evy had just finalized some details of our family’s trip to Hawaii on Tuesday afternoon and was feeling a little guilty. Why are we so fortunate to be able to go to Hawaii? In the evening she attended the Christmas Walk-Thru and received prayer at the end of it. Someone who had no knowledge of her situation prayed for Evy and said, “I see you sitting in a lawn chair…in…Hawaii.” That experience stays with Evy to this day as an amazing reminder of God’s loving and humorous interest in her journey.

I received prayer from a woman who did not know anything about my life. When she closed her eyes to pray she said, “I see you with a trumpet in your hands…” She had no clue that I play the trumpet regularly or how meaningful that instrument is to my journey with God.

In June of this year I was preparing for 3 new opportunities to guide groups of leaders on short retreats. I was humbled by these opportunities and a little nervous, so when the invitation came from Samuel’s Mantle for any of our staff to come on a Monday evening to receive prayer I was grateful. People they were training needed the chance to pray for others so I was more than happy to “help out”. The timing was perfect, just days before I would be leading leaders. On the drive to the meeting I was thinking of the 3 opportunities before me and I spoke out loud to God in my car, “Thank you for these opportunities to be with leaders and that this prayer time is happening right before these retreats.” A very young man prayed for me and listened sincerely for God’s direction. His first words were “Leadership…Wow. Leadership…Leadership.” I won’t forget that moment. Through it I believe God increased my confidence and prepared me for the 3 opportunities that took place later that week. I felt like God had seen me and through that young man’s prayer I knew deep in my heart that God cared.

We would love to hear from you if there are personal reminders you’ve experienced that you’d be willing to pass on to us.


  • Brian Buhler says:

    Hi Steve,
    I just returned from the Mark Center. I used to live just across Old Yale on Valemont Cr. back when I was a youth pastor at Sevenoaks Alliance (86 to 90). This morning I spoke on Spiritual Formation for Leaders. I was with the Power to Change gang. I want you to know how much I loved the space and the couple who cooked our delicious meal. I look forward to reconnecting with the Mark Center and look forward to meeting you!

  • Marilyn says:

    Thank you for these reminders that we need to stop and listen to the Lord, and have others do the same for us, at times. It is so encouraging!

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