Steve Klassen

Our director Steve carries the vision and the heartbeat of the ministry. In our pursuit to accomplish our mission of serving thousands who will inspire millions to embrace a lifestyle of listening to God, Steve is one of the primary resources that we are able to offer the body of Christ.  He is passionate and absolutely committed to our mission.

The three primary ways that we have identified to fulfill our mission is to facilitate, train and help those looking to grow in a lifestyle of listening to God.


  • Spiritual Direction – these one hour sessions focus on paying attention to God’s activity in our life and our response to him. Steve is regularly booked as a Spiritual Director.
  • Retreats – as a MARK Centre staff, we offer a handful of retreats over the course of the year that range in length from 1/2 a day to 4 days. Visit our retreats page for more information on the current retreats being offered. Steve is also available to facilitate small group retreats in your home or onsite with your church or organization.
  • Dramatizing the book of Mark – Steve has memorized stories in the gospel of Mark and presents them publicly. This is an incredible way to dive into this gospel and hear new truths through this dramatization.
  • Teaching and facilitating groups on Listening to God – This is what we are all about here and Steve brings decades of experience to the table in bringing others into a space of listening to God.


Training leaders to listen to God’s voice and train others

  • We offer Leadership Training days on Listening to God and Steve is available to be booked for professional development for Christian leaders on the topic of Listening to God. If listening to God is a priority for your congregation, you may wish to send some of your staff or volunteers to receive this training to begin to cultivate this atmosphere in your church or organization.
  • If you would like training for your group or staff team on listening to God please contact the office.


Helping people with dreams to launch ministries where listening to God is a priority.

It’s been our delight to watch the Matthew Training Centre in Mexico emerge over the years. The partnership that developed has continued to amaze us and resulted in the translation of “Your Ears Will Hear” into the Spanish “Tus Oidos Oiran.”

Around 2008 we became aware of Alvin & Joy Klassen’s dream to birth their centre in Winnipeg. Women Refreshed at the Well is an incredible resource and a beautiful haven for many. It’s been a privilege to have a part in the launching of this great retreat in Winnipeg.

Occasionally we are given the honour to walk with people who are launching new ministries. If there is a dream or vision growing in you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to request for Steve to provide one of these services for you, your church, or the organization that you work for, please reach out to our office.