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By July 9, 2020Stories

On Friday morning I went to a meeting with Greg. I was looking forward to it, as his heart to pay attention to God’s work in and around him is inspiring. The focus he chose for our hour was clear and encouraging – stories. Greg was tuning into the various stories of his life, occasions he has experienced God’s nearness and provision and more. He was planning a party with family and friends to share some of these stories. As I drove away from our meeting, I reflected on how stories have been central for us in the work of the MARK Centre ministry. Both our books feature stories. As I invite feedback when I teach, I often get a comment like – “I appreciated your stories. It’s good to hear how other people are listening to God.”

Later that day I had a quiet afternoon planned by myself at home but then the text came from Harv and within minutes he and his wife Jean were at my door with a visitor from California who wanted to meet me. Intrigued by our recent book, Linda wanted to hear about the MARK Centre story firsthand. But after a while we got into her story, and my goodness does she have one. Hers is a journey of forgiveness, a heart-breaking and uplifting story. When she was a teenager, she was driving a tractor with her two-year old brother on board when an accident happened and he was killed. The burden of guilt stayed with Linda through the years, but the story of how God has graciously and very intimately set her free touched us as we listened.

The day wasn’t done yet. Friday evening some of you joined us to listen and watch Bruce Kuhn dramatize the life, death and resurrection story of Jesus. Story again – the most important story of history. Some of you also joined Bruce and I on Saturday for a workshop that focused on one gospel story.

Most of the literature of the Bible is story for a good reason. Stories move us. New stories are unfolding all the time. If you want to hear some incredible stories come to Bakerview Church Friday, May 22 7-9pm for what we are calling Evening of Stories.

Steve Klassen

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