Surprised by an Intimate God

By March 25, 2014Stories

by Rob Dyck

Just before Christmas I had the opportunity to participate in a Silent Walk-Thru prayer experience at the MARK Centre with my wife Leanne. I was unaware that the experience would conclude with an optional prayer time whereby we were able to receive a blessing by a trained prayer team member. This was a very meaningful time for me personally where the individual (who did not know me or what I did vocationally) spoke very clearly and personally into my life through prayer. His prayers identified and affirmed different aspects of my life that I was experiencing in my personal journey just moments earlier! Is God alive? Yes! Does He speak today? Absolutely!

I guess the question is whether we are prepared to listen and obey. What was so significant about this prayer time that I am prepared to share with you? Two things. First, God had been speaking to me about simply enjoying Him and our relationship as a Father/son. Even that very evening, I had actually written this on a piece of paper. What a shock when this very aspect of my life was clearly identified by the individual who prayed for me whom I had never met before! So I am savoring this truth and enjoying the Lord and His love for me and the relationship I have with Him… period.

Second, as a Pastor, I normally take significant time and length in my ministry report to outline a number of ministry goals for myself and our congregation. I tend to become a little restless when there is no target to be zeroed in on, or a plan to be implemented. Never having seen me before, the individual who prayed for me also identified me in his prayer as “a builder; one who is disciplined, has pursued and accomplished much with the Lord’s blessing.” My heart did a bit of a flip at this point because again, I believe this to be true, and this very thing was impressed upon me recently. However, this individual also believed the Lord was saying that in moving forward, while I was not to “sit back on the couch” (my paraphrase), it might be a different season where God will clearly reveal that He is the builder and will do great things regardless of my discipline, pursuits, and accomplishments. Wow!

This powerful and profound time of prayer has left me with a few questions. What do I do with this prayer and with whom do I process it? In my journal, I wrote these words, “Lord, please give me clarity and direction as I give this prayer and blessing to you. Grant me patience and joy on this journey. Thanks for speaking to me and revealing yourself in a fresh way. Amen.” So as I embark on a new year of ministry, I am seeking to enjoy my relationship with the Lord in greater ways. And I am seeking to trust in Him for whatever the future holds. And it’s kind of exciting! If these words are an encouragement to you, bless the Lord and praise Him for He is worthy of our praise! And I invite you to join me in a renewed way on this journey of walking with an Intimate God, a God who surprises us as he reveals his care for the intricate details of our lives.

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