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By August 23, 2023Stories

As we hosted short retreats this year at our chalet in Abbotsford and in other settings our passion remains the same – we are serving some who are inspiring others to embrace a lifestyle of listening to God. What are people hearing and experiencing? One man proclaimed that when he couldn’t find the strength to let go of his shame…Jesus came to him and took it away. We watched the tears flow as people listened and sensed his freedom. On a different retreat a young woman realized she was giving in to condemning voices and spent an afternoon listening to a new voice of delight and hope. We won’t forget the light beaming from her that evening as she shared with her group of friends.

We are making space for people to connect with God. Individuals, couples, and small groups of people are coming on short retreats and encountering God’s intimate presence. One woman confessed that for much of her life she has thought about God as passive – not really interested in her life. But in an afternoon of silence that shifted as she reread the story of the prodigal son and noticed the active, loving Father running to the son and embracing and kissing him and lavishing him with generosity. She came to the evening session with a prayer – “Lord, I will only share something with the group tonight if someone mentions the story of the prodigal son.” Having no idea what she was experiencing, I was thinking through what my part in the evening meeting might look like. I decided to recite the story of the prodigal son from memory. When I finished the story, Esther spoke up and shared with a sparkle in her eyes I won’t forget.

Thank you for helping us make space for people to hear the voice that can change everything. Your donations play a significant role in keeping the MARK Centre going. Thank you for considering a year-end donation through Paypal on our website or an etransfer to that will help us move forward with confidence as we serve some who will inspire others to embrace a lifestyle of listening to God.

As we look forward to 2023 we are excited about new opportunities to partner with organizations like Barnabas where we are holding our Wonderfully Made retreat. Would you consider attending a MARK Centre retreat?

Steve Klassen & the MARK Centre team

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