We are finishing 2018 with hearts full of gratitude. We’re thankful for new friends who have retreated with us and come closer to THE GOD WHO SEES US. We’re thankful for partnerships with schools and organizations that keep inviting us to train their students and staff to listen for God’s voice. We’re thankful for new stories of people hearing and experiencing God. We’re thankful we’ve been able to welcome more visitors to our chalet this year than ever before!

Thank you to all of you who are receiving this email and journeying with us. Your friendship, your prayers and your gifts are providing us with new energy to keep serving well. We launched a GOLF TOURNAMENT and A GARDEN PARTY that went so well we’re going to repeat them both in 2019. Mark these dates; Golf Tournament June 25, Garden Party September 7.

If you are able to give a year-end donation to the MARK Centre we are still in need to balance our budget this year. You can give in the way that works best for you either through our website or call our office. Thank you for your generosity.

Starting in January we have a new volunteer that will be helping us with security and maintenance. We would love it if he could live on site in a small trailer. If you have one that you would be able to let us borrow until May please contact us.

Best to you in this awesome season,
Steve and Evy and the MARK Centre team

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