The Unique Sound of Your Voice

By March 30, 2018Stories

Some of you remember Hannah’s story from a few years ago. I’ve told it many times in various places. She experienced some “little coincidences” that opened her up to new possibilities. This week her high school has sent another team of grade nines to stay at the MARK Centre as they volunteer and serve in Greater Vancouver. The staff of Fort Saskatchewan Christian High School love to see their students listening and hearing the voice of the One who can change everything. So among other things, they drew me in to do an afternoon of training on listening to God.

I was impressed with their answers when I asked this group of grade nines – “How does God speak to people today?” The speed in which they listed numerous common ways people are being guided by God and hearing his gentle voice lifted my spirit. “Through the Bible…through other people…impressions…through creation all around us…as we pray…in situations in life…through hardships…an inner voice…” Wow! These young people are experiencing God’s presence and intimate direction in their lives.

During the orientation session I gave them about 20 minutes for a solo time with God and I’m glad I did. Their reflections when we came back together moved me. Especially Will’s words.

I gave them a page to take with them with some words from Jesus about birds. I can’t shake this bird thing. God’s amazing care for each of us – compared by Jesus to God’s awareness of every single bird – is still captivating my mind and bearing fruit in the work of the MARK Centre. So back to Will. He lets us know when he was outside on his solo time he heard crows. “I don’t think most people like the sound of crows. But I was thinking about how I am tone deaf…I can’t sing a melody, but God still likes to hear my voice…”

I think as Will was aware of God’s care for him he was experiencing something that ended up touching the rest of us when he shared it with us. The unique sound of Will’s voice matters to God. We know its true, don’t we? It might sound a little bit like a crow, but it is precious to God.

God delights in the unique sound of your voice. I’m grateful for Will and this whole group of students from Alberta. This week God has used them to bless me and increase my awareness of his divine care.

~ Steve Klassen & the MARK Centre Team
(Will is pictured above participating in a service project while staying at the MARK Centre)

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