Clarity. Direction. Purpose.

It all starts with listening.

Refreshment. Creativity. Hope.

It all starts with listening.


Stay one midweek night and get the second midweek night free - January and February 2017

Are you interested in learning to recognize God’s voice?

We welcome you into peaceful retreat settings where you can either enjoy solitude or have our experienced staff direct you.

As we quietly listen to God we come away refreshed!

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Chalet Room Reservations & Services

The MARK Centre serves people who have a passion to live significantly so they can listen to God, receive refreshment from him, and live out their unique purpose in the world.

Rooms, suites and day-use rooms are available to help enable personal or group Christian spiritual retreats. Click on a photo above to or on the following link to learn more about room rates & reservations and available complementary services.

Opportunities to Connect with God

The MARK Centre is named after the New Testament Gospel of Mark, and its heartbeat is demonstrated in Mark 1:35-39, when Jesus slips away for a time of prayer and solitude. As Mark’s gospel unfolds, a rhythm of action and reflection emerges in the life of Jesus. See some of the following opportunities to follow Christ’s example grounding himself in communication with his Father.

"There's a lot going on in my life right now, and this helps me to sit down, become quiet, sort my thoughts and feelings, and remember who's in charge."

− Step Out of the Traffic participant

"To be away from the routines and distractions of ‘home’ with the intention to give the time to God fully is not something I’ve done before. I found it very fulfilling. The presence of God was very clear to me. "

− Silent Retreat participant

"Starting your 'Out of the Traffic' retreat has profoundly affected my relationship with God. I am filled with gratitude for the Mark Centre. Who knows the depths of God?"

− Step Out Of the Traffic participant

"After the retreat I felt that my soul has been refreshed. I was impacted by the community of brothers as we shared the words we received from Jesus and was encouraged by many who shared."

− Frisbee Golf participant